RGB to CMYK | RGB to CMYK color converter

Color Code Converter: RGB to CMYK

For figuring out the graphics, many of the graphic designers prefer to work with graphics software programs which give two choices of either opting RGB or CMYK. These are also called "color spaces". The Scanners and digital cameras create images using mainly the combinations of just three colors: Red, Green and Blue. These referred to the primary colors of light, which the computers use to display images on your screen. Printing presses print full color pictures using a different set of colors, the primary colors of pigment: Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black (called "CMYK"). For the practical applications one may require to convert the RGB into CMYK color codes. Even some printers do not accept the RGB codes then you need to covert into the respective code with proper color space.

The (RGB) Red, Green, Blue values are defined in between the range of 0..255, the red color(R) is calculated from the cyan(C) and black(K) colors, the green color(G) is calculated from the magenta(M) and black(K) colors, The blue color(B) is calculated from the yellow(Y) and black(K) colors.

RGB is widely used designing a website, web banner, buttons, e-newsletter, etc., your images and files should use the same. CMYK is known as the primary color model that is used by color printers. Thus they have wide applications of using in flyers, brochures, advertising, newsletters, direct mail pieces, etc., a CMYK contained pictured may provide you better quality results for the results coming out processing

The RGB to CMYK tool is simple and easy to use that gives you out efficient and precise results. All you need to do to enter the relevant values required and choose the resultant values in CMYK will be displayed on your screen. Just click on the output required by you. Ranknotebook is serving you RGB to CMYK conversion tool that is easy, quick and precise to use.