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What you can do with RankNoteBook HTML Minifier tool

Ranknotebook is providing you an efficient Free HTML minifier tool Online that provides great help to the developers in reducing the unnecessary lines and compressing the HTML code. The HTML minifies works effectively by removing the white spaces, unnecessary line breaks and characters in the HTML code.

Our online HTML compressor tool Online is the best working tool that one can easily access for free! One can use this minifier tool to get the best results with reduces HTML file size.

HTML removes only the irrelevant lines of codes, keeping the actual source code as it is. There are enormous ways to increase the loading speed of your web pages, and HTML minifier is one of such tools.

With this tool you can easily minify your html code for:

  1. ➲ Whitespace Minification Mode (None, Safe, Medium, Aggresive)
  2. ➲ Remove HTML Comments
  3. ➲ Remove Html Comments­ From Scripts And Styles
  4. ➲ Remove Cdata Sections­ From Scripts And Styles
  5. ➲ Use Short Doctype
  6. ➲ Preserve Case
  7. ➲ Use Meta Charset Tag
  8. ➲ Empty Tag Render Mode (No Slash, Slash, Space and Slash)
  9. ➲ Remove Optional End Tags
  10. ➲ Remove Tags Without Content
  11. ➲ Collapse Boolean Attributes
  12. ➲ Attribute Quotes Removal Mode (Keep Quotes, HTML4, HTML5)
  13. ➲ Remove Empty Attributes for class, id, name, style, title, lang, dir, form etc.
  14. ➲ Remove Redundant Attributes
  15. ➲ Remove Js Type Attributes
  16. ➲ Remove Css Type Attributes
  17. ➲ Remove Http Protocol­ From Attributes
  18. ➲ Remove Https Protocol­ From Attributes
  19. ➲ Remove Js Protocol ­From Attributes
  20. ➲ Minify Embedded Css Code
  21. ➲ Minify Inline Css Code
  22. ➲ Minify Embedded Js Code
  23. ➲ Minify Inline Js Code
  24. ➲ Processable Script Type List
  25. ➲ Minify Knockout­ Binding Expressions
  26. ➲ Minify Angular­ Binding Expressions
  27. ➲ Custom Angular Directive List

Why to minify your HTML code?

Minifying your HTML code will increase the reach at your website. It will get load faster through compressing the file size. It also makes your code, difficult to copy from any source. It removes out all the unnecessary characters from the code. This HTML minifier can provide you a great help for the Search Engine Optimization, since it increases the loading capacity of your webpages.

How to use our HTML Minifier Tool?

Ranknotebook aims to provide you an efficient and easily tool that gives you quick results. Anyone can use this tool, to minimize the given lines of code even when the person is not having adequate programming knowledge. The tool uses the algorithm to process the output. It removes out the unnecessary functions and variables from a given piece of code.

With this tool you can easily minify or compress your html code online for:

Whitespace Minification Mode (None, Safe, Medium, Aggressive): -

It deals with the whitespace, based on the type one has chosen.

None Keep all the whitespace

Safe It removes the whitespaces from top and bottom of the code, along with the replacing of multiple whitespaces with a single one.

Medium Removes all whitespaces from outer and internal part of code.

Aggressive Removes all the required whitespaces.

  1. Remove HTML Comments- Removes all uncessary HTML comments. Takes the Boolean values as input options and accordingly display the results.
  2. Remove Html Comments¬ from Scripts And Styles: - take Boolean values for whether to remove whitespaces from script or not.
  3. Remove Cdata Sections¬ From Scripts And Styles
  4. Use Short Doctype: - Whether to replace the existing doc type declaration with short declaration.
  5. Preserve Case
  6. Use Meta Charset Tag
  7. Empty Tag Render Mode (No Slash, Slash, Space and Slash)
  8. Remove Optional End Tags
  9. Remove Tags Without Content
  10. Collapse Boolean Attributes
  11. Attribute Quotes Removal Mode (Keep Quotes, HTML4, HTML5)
  12. Remove Empty Attributes for class, id, name, style, title, lang, dir, form etc.
  13. Remove Redundant Attributes
  14. Remove Js Type Attributes
  15. Remove Css Type Attributes
  16. Remove Http Protocol From Attributes
  17. Remove Https Protocol From Attributes
  18. Remove Js Protocol From Attributes
  19. Minify Embedded CSS Code
  20. Minify Inline CSS Code
  21. Minify Embedded Js Code
  22. Minify Inline Js Code

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