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Text Analyzer Word Counter or Word Checker by RankNoteBook

Ranknotebook is providing you a free online tool for Text analyzer and word counters. It gives you all the idea regarding the texts including the word limit, the kind of words you have included, how efficiently they have been included. It is necessary to include the keywords in your content in an appropriate amount, if you don't mind. The amount of keywords included in the content is characterized by keyword density.

Text analyzing becomes necessary to improve the rank and effective searching operation. With this tool one can you can check the following: -

  1. Total Words: - The total number of words in a content matters. Nowadays many of the written content have a specified number of keywords.
  2. Total Paragraphs: - The number of paragraphs included in the content gives you an idea about the efficiency of framing the sentences.
  3. Unique Words: - By comparing the two web pages you will get to know the list of unique words. Including them in an appropriate manner and simple words will help to search out them easily.
  4. The Occurrence of words: - It shows the keywords density, how efficiently you have used them in the content. It gives the idea how many times keywords appear in the content.
  5. Unique Words: - Unique words are included with respect to the idea and concept of the content. They should be relevant to the content, and must be used only whenever required.
  6. Average words per paragraphs: - The whole content includes different amount of words. The average of them gives us idea about the efficiency we have optimized the written document to make it search on the top.
  7. Total Special Symbols: - Including in the special symbols whenever required, will make your content effective. The content should be such that it should be easy to read and understand.
  8. Total Alphabets: - Total number of alphabets includes in the content out of 26. They should be relevant to the topic, must shows the ideology of the topic.
  9. Plaintext Email: - It does the check for plaintext email address. The email posted in public sites, usually get collected by the spammers and added to their database. One can get the information about the same.

What you can do with this text analyzer or word count checker tool?

To analyze your content, one can either upload a document to be analyzed, or can direct upload the content from the web. Clicking on Analyzing text will show you the results accordingly.

Checkout all these key points and get the best results with text analyzer by Ranknotebook.

With this tool you can check:

  1. ➲ Total Words
  2. ➲ Total paragraphs
  3. ➲ Average Words Per Paragraph
  4. ➲ Total Characters (including spaces)
  5. ➲ Characters (without spaces)
  6. ➲ Total Alphabets
  7. ➲ Total Numbers
  8. ➲ Total Special Symbols
  9. ➲ Unique Words
  10. ➲ Total Sentences
  11. ➲ Average Sentence Length (word)
  12. ➲ Average Sentence Length (Characters with Whitespaces)
  13. ➲ Average Sentence Length (Characters Without Spaces)
  14. ➲ Longest Word
  15. ➲ Smallest Word
  16. ➲ Occurrences of Words
  17. ➲ Occurrences of Characters
  18. ➲ Plaintext Email
  19. ➲ Word Length Breakdown

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