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HTML Encode

Ranknotebook is providing you an efficient online Encode & decode tool that gives you a free access with quick results just with a click!

HTML Encode or Escape tool

It refers to the conversion of a HTML code file into its equivalent HTML Encode code that is hard to crack. These HTML files are converted to such form that they can be easily parsed on the server conveying the information. Some of the encodings exist to enable transfer of binary data through text -based protocols that uses only a few set of characters.

It is a way through which the HTML text is hidden from the prying eyes. Our tool converts the HTML code into another form HTML Escape source code in which the texts look to be different that of original ones, but when they are executed on a webpage, it looks similar. This technique not only helps to secure the HTML code, providing extra features of data integrity & security.

HTML Decode or Unescape tool

This is the opposite process to that of encoding. The html encoded code (consist of special characters) are converted back to the original form. The decoding is done with replacing the special character into the normal input text form. Our HTML Decode tool supports the input from either by copy pasting the work or by uploading a file from web.

When you are creating a website it is a good practice to include the encoding. The proper encoded pages are declared in a browser that consists of encoded header tags. It performs efficiently on the internet.

Ranknotebook is providing you the online HTML Encode and Decode tool for free! Just copy paste the content or upload it from web. You can have access anytime for the same and get quick and efficient results.