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Kilobytes to Bytes Converter

Kilobytes to Bytes Converter

1 KB = 1000 Bytes (in Decimal)

1 KB = 1024 Bytes (in Binary)



A kilobyte is equivalent to 103 bytes, where a unit of 8-bit digital data (binary digits) is a byte. The kilobyte is based on the bit byte and is used by the SI prefixes. This is the binary representation of the bytes used in information technology. The latest prerequisites will be used to reference several 1024 bytes.


A byte is the fundamental computer science data storage measuring unit. It is a storage unit composed of 8 bits in several computing devices.

Since a large part of the software and electronics industries uses machine memory in base two rather than 10, the binary figures use SI prefixes amounts while the data storage system manufacturers use the SI values.

1 Kilobyte is equal to 1000 bytes (decimal).

1 KB = 103 B in base 10 (SI).

1 Kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes (binary).

1 KB = 210 B in base 2.

Kilobyte in SI and base 10 (decimal)

1 Kilobyte = 10001 bytes

1 Kilobyte = 1000 bytes

Kilobyte in base 2 (binary)

1 Kilobyte = 210 bytes

1 Kilobyte = 10241 bytes

1 Kilobyte = 1024 bytes

Byte base unit

1 Byte = 8 bits

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Kilobytes to Bytes Conversion