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What are QR codes?

QR codes are referred to as two-dimensional codes that can store a large amount of information. These graphics can store up to 3000 characters in a small space. QR codes are widely used in mobile marketing. These are used as a link between social media and websites. Scanning QR code is much easier rather than typing long web addresses.

The information stored in the Free QR Code Generator Online can never be changed, also it does not expire after a certain time. One can scan the QR code with even the older phone’s camera. Nowadays there are enormous applications introduced where people are using a QR code that provides easy and secure payment methods. People often pay for their utilities, by scanning a QR on their mobile phones, or can access any video or a piece of information just by scanning a QR. It’s a step towards digitalization. Scan and have access to important information.

Generate your own QR Code with the several features that helps you to get a customized QR code in one step with Ranknotebook.

QR Code Generator, Generate free QR Code

Ranknotebook is providing you with a QR code for free. One can generate the code on its own. A QR code is a two dimensional barcode consist of black and white dots which stores information.

You can type text, URL’s and the code will be generated automatically as per your entered text. To generate your QR code free on Ranknotebook, just enter the required text or URL. We have given several pixel options, according to one’s requirements the user can generate. Also, with the same we are providing you four error correction levels namely ‘L, M, Q, and H’ with the Error correction capability of approximately 7%, 15%, 25%, and 30% respectively. QR code posses an error correction capability to restore data if it gets dirty or damaged. To select the appropriate and exact error correction level several factors such as its size, and environmental factors need to be kept in mind. Usually level ‘M’ is selected.

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