About Us


Vinod Tanwar, an Indian web entrepreneur with a long history and a lot of experience, started Rank Note Book in 2018. Today, Vinod is in charge of RankNotebook's strategic direction and keeps his team motivated with his great leadership and business skills.

RNB started with a simple idea: Let's give EVERYONE access to high-quality SEO tools. Since then, there's been no turning back! What started as a small website with only a few simple tools has grown into the largest collection of free SEO tools on the web.

Our goal is to make SEO tools that are just as good as the ones you have to pay for and make them available to everyone on the web for free. We've been doing this since 2017, and we're still getting bigger.


At RNB, we have very different ideas than what's out there. We think there must be a better way to market. We think that the best SEO tools should be free to use, just like the best things in life.

We love it so much that we can't stop thinking about it. Because of this, we give away all of our tools and content for free.

Our goal is to make great SEO tools that can compete with or even do better than the paid ones out there, but are free for anyone to use.

We focus on SEO and content because these are the most important parts of Internet marketing. Once you get your content and SEO right, people will start coming to your site, which will lead to more sales.

SEO is hard to understand and use on its own because it is so complicated. We see that as a chance to help people, and we're excited to make SEO easier for everyone through our tools, education, and community.