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Why You Should Compress or minify JavaScript

Ranknotebook is providing you an online efficient tool, known as Javascript Minifier. This tool is widely used to compress & reduce the length of code thereby increasing the functionality and performance of the website on Search Engine Optimization.

There are a number of reasons why minification or compressing your JavaScript (JS) code is a good idea:

  1. ➲ Quicker download time of your javascript files
  2. ➲ Reduced bandwidth consumption of your data to save data cost.
  3. ➲ Reduced number of HTTP requests on your server to add or combining all JavaScript files into one minified file, this will help you to reducing the server load and allowing more visitors to access your website.
  4. ➲ Comments and whitespace are not needed for JavaScript execution; Removing them will reduce file size and speed up script execution times.

The online JS minifier takes the input JavaScript code and reduces the unwanted variable and functions defined in the same. It is very quick and efficient tool that automatically detects the unnecessary line of codes that do not require displaying on your web pages. Also large JavaScript files can be compressed into smaller ones.

Why we need to use Online javascript Minifier or Compresser tool

Our javascript compresser tool works proficiently by reducing the file size through the elimination of all unnecessary characters, lines, white spaces, and indentation. This makes your JavaScript obscure and complex, so it is difficult to read and copy.

Following are the results that one can get after using the free JavaScript Minifier Tool: -

  1. Reduces download time of your JavaScript files: - By removing unnecessary code and minifying it in your scripts, it reduced the size of code. This results in quick downloading of the web pages, since lesser amount of data will be required to load them.
  2. Reduces the bandwidth consumption of your data that saves data cost: -The higher data file consumes more data to download. Bulky files consume more bandwidth of transmission. Thus minifying the files will results in less bandwidth consumption that in turn saves data.
  3. The Comments and whitespace are not needed for JavaScript execution; removing them from your JS code will reduce file size and speed up script execution times.

Using our tool of JavaScript Minifier one can minify the script easily and quickly. All you need to do is to copy and paste the content in the box and click minify button. Access tool provided by for free!

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