Base64 Decode and Encode Online Tool

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About base64 encode and decode

Are you looking to convert the input text to binary? Or To covert the binary input to text? Then here is the tool that you need.

Ranknotebook is providing you the efficient Base64 Encode (Text-to-binary) and Decode (Binary-to-text).

What is Base64?

To transmit the textual data over internet, one needs to convert it into binary form. Base64 is such an implementation, that is a part of text-to-binary encryption types that represents the data and numbers associated with the text into respective ASCII codes that range from 0 -62 and implements A-Z, a-z, 0-9 to encode data.

The encoded data usually consumes approximately 33% more space than that of the usual data. It precisely transmits 6 bits of information.

This encryption codes are used in various applications such as emails (used in SMTP protocol), and practically used in various programming languages to ensure data encryption.

How you can use online string to Base64 Encoder and Decoder?

How you can use online string to Base64 Encoder and Decoder?

At we are providing you the free online tool, in which you can easily convert the textual data into binary and binary to text. This is an efficient tool which will give you quick results.

You can either copy paste the content in the given box or can upload the file from the system. You can encode or decode the given content. Base64 will give you the 6 bits of information.

You can even download the .txt file as the output result.

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