Compare Webpages Tool to Compare Two Webpages

SEO Comparision in Two Webpages

Compare Webpages Tool by Ranknotebook is allowing you to compare two web pages using multiple SEO aspects. All you need to do is to enter two URLs that you need to be compared.

It is necessary to execute the compare the two web pages to know the key strength of the competitor’s webpage. There are certain aspects including the keywords, description, page title, and page description.

By comparing the two web pages you will get know to the key strength and weakness of your website. This will help you to enhance your page ranking. Examining and optimizing the results will give an idea and provide you the path in which one needs to work continuously.

How effectively you are representing the website including the content which should attract the readers and increases traffic. Comprehensive searches for the same can help you well. You can start focusing webpage making the essential changes required.

Compare Meta Title:

By comparing the Meta title of two websites, one gets to know how efficiently you are representing the title which defines the appropriate description, with the use of limited words. The title should give a centralized idea about the topic.

Meta Description Comparision

Comparing out the Meta description includes the result of two websites. It covers the short and accurate summary of the content.

Heading Comparison:

It is quite necessary to compare the heading of the two URLs to get an idea about how the search engine crawl it! Several heading tags such as <h1> and <h2>tags. The densities of these keywords are checked.

Google Search Result Preview

One can know about how to manage your page on the top of the search. Comparison of these web pages depends on several aspects including title, Meta, description and also certain character and word limits; which are clearly specified.

Total Words comparision:

Including more words in the content will not increase the rank of your website. You should include the appropriate and words in the content.

Unique Words comparision:

By comparing the two web pages you will get to know the list of unique words. Including them in an appropriate manner and simple words will help to search out them easily.

The Occurrence of words:

It shows the keywords density, how efficiently you have used them in the content. It gives the idea how many times keywords appear in the content.

Page Source Comparison:

It gives you quick information regarding the import SEO text.

List of website

  1. ➲ Compare Meta Title
  2. ➲ Meta Description
  3. ➲ Meta Keywords
  4. ➲ Google Search Result Preview
  5. ➲ Heading Comparision
  6. ➲ Content Comparision
  7. ➲ Total Words
  8. ➲ Unique Words
  9. ➲ Total Sentences
  10. ➲ Longest Word
  11. ➲ Occurrences of Words
  12. ➲ Occurrences of Characters
  13. ➲ Internal, External and Nofollow links comparision
  14. ➲ Page Source Comparision
  15. ➲ Word Length Breakdown

Using the above points will improve your webpage ranking and performance. The comparison of two web pages gives the scope of improvement by calculating the performance and displaying the individual results of each of them.

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