SEO Checkup Tool to Make Free Website SEO Audit Report

With our SEO site checkup tool you can easily check the following:

Noindex and nofollow tag:-

The Noindex tag are often used with the HTML source code of a webpage, by informing the search engine; not to include that particular page in the search result.

Nofollow tag is used with HTML source code, suggesting the search engines not to pass link equity via any links.

Meta Title:

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Meta Description: -

Explore's user-friendly SEO Site Checkup tool. Just enter your URL, and our built-in algorithms will swiftly evaluate key SEO factors, delivering efficient results for your web pages.

Google Search Result Preview: -

One can know about how to manage your page on the top of the search. It depends on several aspects including title, Meta, description and also certain character and word limits are specified.

SEO Friendly URL Checkup: -

You can check whether your URL is SEO friendly or not! In order to be SEO friendly, they must have the relevant keywords as that of topic.

The URL should contain all the necessary words that regards to the exact explanation of the topic signifying what topic is all about. Avoid using underscores, comma and spaces.

Check images for alt tag or blank alt tag checkup:-

Whenever the image is not getting displayed due to slow connection, or due to broken image source. Alternative image or text option should be included in the alt tag. This will help the user to interpret something regarding what the image is all about.

JavaScript Error Test: -

Checkout the JavaScript errors in your code. These errors may result in improper formatting or viewing of the web pages, adversely affecting their search experience that may bring down the ranking of your webpage.

HTTPS (SSL) Checkup: -

If your website is having HTTPS then it is sharing secure protocol. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer that provides extra encryption for exchanging of packets carrying data in between the client & server.

JavaScript Minification: -

It checks whether your JavaScript file is Minified or not. The minified file will reduce the page size and loading time of a webpage.

Google Analytics Test:

It performs a check whether your website is connected with Google Analytics or not! It is a free tool that provides the facts and figures regarding your site’s traffic.

What you can do with RankNoteBook SEO Site Checkup tool

With this tool you can easily check your:

  1. ➲ Noindex and nofollow tag
  2. ➲ Check Viewport meta tag
  3. ➲ Meta title
  4. ➲ Meta Description
  5. ➲ Google Search Result Preview
  6. ➲ Internal Links (With or without anchor text)
  7. ➲ External Links (With or without anchor text)
  8. ➲ Nofollow links (with or without anchor text)
  9. ➲ Javascript Links (With or without anchor text)
  10. ➲ Domain Length
  11. ➲ SEO Friendly URL Checkup
  12. ➲ Query String or parameters in url
  13. ➲ H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Headings Checkup
  14. ➲ Check images for alt tag or blank alt tag checkup
  15. ➲ Get list of total wods with the percent of unique words
  16. ➲ Google, Facebook, Youtube channel, Linkedin page link
  17. ➲ Plaintext Emails Test
  18. ➲ HTTPS (SSL) Checkup
  19. ➲ Alexa Rankings with 3 months traffic chart
  20. ➲ CSS Minification
  21. ➲ JS (JavaScript) Minification
  22. ➲ HTML Minification
  23. ➲ Check if your webpage is using inline CSS
  24. ➲ Check if your webpage have a valid xml sitemap link
  25. ➲ robots.txt Checkup
  26. ➲ Favicon Checkup
  27. ➲ Google Analytics Checkup
  28. ➲ HTML Deprecated Tags Checkup
  29. ➲ Check total page objects such as: CSS files, Javascript files, images, flash files,

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