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Online Free Who is Lookup Tool - Rank Notebook

Who is Lookup | Get Domain Name Information


In the modern digital world tools play a crucial role in our life. Who is lookup is a potent tool on Rank notebook. This article is significant about the Whois lookup tool/Get domain name information tool. provides an efficient free tool for Whois lookup, where you can get all the relevant information that you must know. Visit today and check all the details regarding the domain here absolutely free!

The records maintained by them have proved to be very useful for maintaining integrity and transparency, and also act as an important source of the domain name information and website details.

Whois is a query or response protocol that is widely used to fetch the details and identify the details of a person, company, or industry that holds and registers any particular domain. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an organization that looks forward for the domain name registration and details or whois lookup.

Unlocking Domain Insights: The Power of Whois Lookup on ranknotebook

In the vast landscape of the internet, domain names serve as digital addresses, guiding users to their desired destinations. Behind every domain lies a wealth of information, from ownership details to registration history, essential for understanding the digital footprint of a website. Amidst this digital tapestry, Whois Lookup emerges as a crucial tool, offering users a window into the intricate world of domain name information.


On searching the Whois details on Ranknotebook, one can get the following relevant information: -

  1. Domain Name: - It specifies the domain name associated with a particular person or organization.

  2. Registry Domain ID: - It gives the domain ID of the registrar. The organization that registered the domain name.

  3. Registrar WHOIS Server: It gives the Whois server information of the registrar that provides the domain name.

  4. Registrar URL: - Provides the information of the URL associated with the registrar.

  5. Updated Date: - Date when the last update was made on the website by the owner.

  6. Creation Date: - Provides the date when the domain name was issued.

  7. Registry Expiry Date: - The domain is usually provided for a certain period after which it needs to get issued. Thus, the expiry date is mentioned.

  8. Registrar: - Name of the organization which has issued the domain.

  9. Registrar IANA ID: - IANA is a functional authority of ICANN, that provides a global IP address or addressing system.

  10. Registrar Abuse Contact Email: - Email ID that one can access.

  11. Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: - Contact number that one can use.

  12. Domain Status: - It gives information about the update, deletion, and other functionalities.

  13. Registrant Organization: - It is the name of the organization that owns the domain.

  14. Registrant State/Province: - Name of the state where the company is located.

  15. Registrant Country: - Country where the organization is situated.

  16. Name Server: - Full name of the server.


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