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What is WordCounter?

Our online editor offers more than just counting words and characters. It goes beyond by assisting you in enhancing your word choice and writing style, and optionally, identifying grammar errors and plagiarism. To check word count, simply input your text, and as you type, delete, or edit, you'll see the characters and words adjust accordingly. You can also easily copy and paste text from other programs. The Auto-Save feature ensures you won't lose any changes, even if you leave and return later. Consider bookmarking this page for quick access.
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Word count is crucial in various scenarios, such as meeting specific requirements for articles, essays, reports, stories, books, or papers. WordCounter helps ensure your text aligns with the specified limits.

Moreover, WordCounter provides insights into the top 10 keywords and their density in your article. This helps you manage keyword usage and distribution, preventing excessive repetition and ensuring optimal keyword placement.

The Details overview offers the average speaking and reading time for your text. Reading Level indicates the education level needed to comprehend your writing.

Disclaimer: Please note that while we aim for accuracy, we cannot guarantee it at all times.